Ecclesiastical Organization

The Lusitanian Church functions as a single Diocese divided into two Archdeaconries, the South (centered at Lisbon) and the North (centered at Oporto). Most of the 16 congregations cluster around these two major cities. The Cathedral of St. Paul, a 17th century building, is the headquarters of the Diocese’s Ordinary, and is located in Lisbon.

The general governing bodies are the Bishop, the Synod and the Diocesan Standing Committee. The Synod is presided over by the Bishop and consists of every clergy of the Church and a lay representative from each Parish. In order that a Synodal decision may pass it is necessary to have a concurrence of votes of the Lay Order with the Clergy Order, and that it should be approved by the Bishop. The Bishop devotes himself almost entirely to the spiritual leadership of the Church. As far as administration is concerned, it is carried out by the Diocesan Standing Committee composed by three clergymen and three laymen, the Bishop being the chairman. Each parish is led by a priest named and renovable by the Bishop.