What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the collective financing of a cause or project.

On the internet there are several pages that allow the public in general, who knows or sympathize with a certain cause, to attribute donations to achieve a certain goal..

The Committee who organize the Lusitan Church Summer Camps, in order to raise new funds for the children and young people who need to be supported, created a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of 600€ to support 4 children or young people. You can access crowdfunding at this link: https://ppl.com.pt/causesas/campo-de-ferias-djil

He have exactly 4 weeks to achieve this goal.


How can I help?

There are two ways you can help by giving your donation and sharing the campaign.


How can I give my donation?

Go to the site https://ppl.com.pt/causesas/campo-de-ferias-djil , click on "Contribute", enter the amount you want to donate, click on the square "I want to donate this amount to this campaign owner, even if this campaign does not raise all the funds" for your donation be transferred regardless of whether we reach the goal and then choose the form of payment:

you can pay through the internet (homebanking), ATM reference or in a payshop store.

There is no minimum or maximum amount to donate.


How can I Share?

You can share the campaign on social networks every week. Write publications in groups or forums in social networks.

You can send an email to all your contact friends, colleagues, neighbours, family, with these instructions and a personal message (eg telling how important Lusitan Summer Camp is for you or your children, how you get to know Lusitan Summer Camp, why is this a meritorious cause ...).


How important is sharing the campaign?

Sharing is as important as the donations.

If you do a properly share this campaign can reach more people, more countries and more continents and gets us closer to achieve the goal of € 600.

In addition, the platform itself (PPL) allocates donations to ours if the campaign reaches a certain number of shares in social networks.

We are many believers in the Church if we all share once each week quickly we reach the quadruple of the people and we will gather the donations of the platform.



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