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Lusitanian Church New Bishop’s Consecration

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15th April 2013

To the Media

Next 25th April, 2013, Feast of St Mark, the Evangelist, at 3 pm, will be held, on St Paul’s Cathedral (former Convento dos Marianos – Rua das Janelas Verdes, 32 – Santos), in Lisbon, the Consecration ceremony of the new Bishop of the Lusitanian Church, José Jorge de Pina Cabral, and his installation as Diocesan Bishop.

This ceremony, wich will be presided by the Rt Revd Bishop Fernando Soares, Diocesan Bishop of the Lusitanian Church, will be attended by Archbishops and Bishops from several Anglican Communion Churches and other Churches in communion with us, the Lusitanian Church Clergy, ministers and representatives of other Churches involved with us in the ecumenical way, civil representatives and the people from the various parishes of the Lusitanian Church.

The Lord Archbishop of Dublin, Primate of Ireland, Rt Revd Bishop Michael Jackson, will represent the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Metropolitan of the Lusitanian Church.
More information:

Lusitanian Church Diocesan Center
Communication Department
Revd. Sérgio Pinho Alves
Apartado 392 - 4430-003 Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal
Telf.: (351) 223754018 - Fax: (351) 223752016 - Tlm: (351) 914687858

Biographical Note

The new elected bishop, José Jorge Tavares de Pina Cabral, was born in Porto, on 22 May 1966, and belongs to a traditional family of the Lusitanian Church (ILCAE). He married Rute Serronha in 1996 and has two children, Sofia (2000) and Lucas (2002).

His responsibilities in the ILCAE began early at the Youth Department, of which he was president and coordinator of the Youth Camps. He was an active member in the parish of S. John the Evangelist, of which he was a member of the Parish Vestry, and in whose community he was established as a Reader/Layman (1992). He was ordained Deacon in 1995 and Priest in 1997. Since 1997, he is responsible for the parishes of S. John the Evangelist and the Good Shepherd, and he is Northern Archdeacon (1998) and Vicar-General (2007), and was elected Bishop by the 94th Synod of the Lusitanian Church in November 2012. He actively collaborates in the ecumenical movement, both in the parishes he runs or as a member of the National Ecumenical Youth Forum. He is the representative of the ILCAE on the Ecumenical Commission of Porto, the Organizing Group of the Youth Ecumenical Forum, and he is the President of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Council of Christian Churches. He has been a member of several Standing Committees of the ILCAE, representing the Church in several international events, in the ecumenical level and particularly in the context of the Anglican Communion, he has been the ILCAE delegate on the Standing Committee of the “Partners in Mission "(2001-2003) and is the representative of the ILCAE on the Contact Group of the Porvoo Communion.

He has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Studies, from the University of Porto, Portugal, (1989) in Physical Education and Sport Sciences from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Porto, and after graduating pursued his activity of teaching physical education at various high schools in the metropolitan area of Porto. He attended the Lusitanian Center for Theological Studies and, in 2001, completed his degree in Religious Studies at the Catholic University of Porto. Since 1992, he is the Executive Director of the Association of Schools of the Torne and Prado (AETP), recognized as a “Private Organization Providing for Public Good” under Portuguese federal law, the AETP is a private, non-profit organization in Vila Nova de Gaia. He is heavily involved in social work in Vila Nova de Gaia and, in 2011, held a postgraduate degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations, at the Management School of Porto.

Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelic Church (Anglican Communion)

The Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelic Church (ILCAE) emerged on the second half of the 19th Century, in March 1880, as a response to the religious and social portuguese environment, refuting the dogmas of universal jurisdiction and papal infallibility and also the popular excessive worship to the Virgin Mary, advocating the reading of the Bible by the believers, a liturgy in Portuguese and a Church who’s govern should be shared between clergy and lay people.

Since 1980 the ILCAE is a full member of the Anglican Communion, with the Metropolitan Authority of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, in his capacity as a visible sign of unity in that Communion.

The Anglican Communion is a family of churches that brings together 83 million people in all continents and consists of about 39 provinces or autonomous national churches, governed by themselves, responding to the needs and particularities of each people.

The Lusitanian Church has maintained, since the 60s of last century, an ecumenical stance, participating in dialogues, meetings and celebrations with the Roman Catholic Church and other Churches, being one of the churches that founded COPIC - Portuguese Council of Christian Churches.


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