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A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is the beginning of reality.
 (Miguel de Cervantes)

The II meeting of Portuguese-speaking Churches of the Anglican Communion gathered under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in the city of Recife, in Pernambuco State, Brazil, from 26 to 28 February, 2015, brought together people, among delegates and guests, including bishops, clerics and laypersons of the Dioceses of the Lebombo and Niassa (Mozambique) and Angola of the Anglican Church of southern Africa, the Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church (Portugal) and the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB), being the last hosting the Event, which took place with the partnership and support of Anglican Alliance and The United Society (Us). In addition to these organizations, also present were: the representative of the IEAB in the Anglican Consultative Council (CCA), the National Commission of Social Diakonia of the IEAB; the Anglican Service of Diakonia and Development (SADD) of the IEAB; Anglican Studies Center (CEA) of the IEAB; the Youth Working Group of the IEAB; the Anglican Episcopal women's Union of Brazil (UMEAB); the Anglican Institute of theological studies and the Department of Women of the Lusitanian Church; the Mothers ' Union, of Lebombo, Mozambique.
The meeting constituted an important space of celebration, sharing and reflection, with devotional moments, plenary sessions, sharing in groups, Bible study with the theme "who is/my/ neighbour", from the text of Luke 10:25 -37; and a WEBINAR streamed online. The agenda had featured the following generating themes: (a) the role of young people; (b) the role of women; (c) Christian education and theological training; (d) diakonia and social development.
The delegations of these churches (8 bishops, 3 priestesses, 6 priests, 1 deacon, 6 laywomen and 3 laymen), that together represent a community of about 350,000 anglican people, distributed over different continents and sociocultural contexts. The meeting emphasised the role of the Portuguese language as an element of unity in diversity, both for the countries represented at the meeting, but also to other Portuguese-speaking communities around the world. All persons participating expressed the wish of issuing this Declaration, to convey the main conclusions and commitments of collaboration.
Thus, it was agreed the development of effective efforts from which concrete results can emerge:

 a)  To promote in each Church the dissemination of the action of the different Anglican Churches of Portuguese expression; 

 b)  To establish relations of partnership in mission among different Portuguese-speaking Anglican dioceses and other actions of relationship, exchange of delegations and sharing of information and resources;

 c)  To request the solidarity and support of other organizations of the Anglican world to carry out these actions, and, in particular, for the convening of the next Portuguese-speaking meeting within three years;

 d)  Henceforth to create, from its own resources, the Working Group, consisting of one representative of each of the churches or dioceses:

Helen Van Koevering, presbíter, Niassa, Moçambique;
Joana Chilengue, lay, Libombos, Moçambique;
Jorge Pina Cabral, bishop, Portugal;
Kiaku Eduardo Avelino, presbíter, Angola;
Paulo Ueti, lay theologian, Brasil.

This working group will be responsible for monitoring these actions; and for presenting to the competent authorities a request for establishment of the Lusophone Network of Anglican Communion, that includes in its agenda, among others, the generating themes reflected in the Meeting.

We believe in God; We believe in the power of poor people,
In the audacity of those poets,Iin the boldness of the prophets, In the inspiration of the artists.
 We believe in Jesus, we believe in humility to serve;
In the courage to transform, in the joy of celebrating,
In the respect of the differences, in the bread for the whole table, in comfort for every sorrow.
We believe in the Spirit, we believe in the hope of starting over;
In the beauty of the gesture of solidarity, in fairness to all oppression, in compassion before pain,
In love, divine-human gift. Amen.

Recife, February 28, 2015


André Soares, bispo diocesano, Angola;
António Manuel Silva, Instituto Anglicano de Estudos Teológicos, Portugal;
Arthur Cavalcante, presbítero, secretário geral, Brasil;
Brígida Arbiol Pereira, leiga, Departamento de Mulheres, Portugal;
Carlos Simão Matsinhe, bispo diocesano, Libombos, Moçambique;
Christina Manning, assessora de comunicação, Anglican Alliance;
Christina Takatsu Whinnischofer, leiga, União das Mulheres Episcopais Anglicanas do Brasil;
David Pessoa de Lira, diácono, Recife, Brasil;
Francisco Silva, bispo primaz, Brasil;
Helen Van Koevering, presbítera, Niassa, Moçambique;
Ilcélia Soares, leiga, Comissão Nacional de Diaconia, Brasil;
Joabe Cavalcanti, presbítero, Us, Inglaterra;
Joana Chilengue, leiga, União das Mães, Libombos, Moçambique;
Joanildo Burity, leigo, Conselho Consultivo Anglicano, Brasil;
João Câncio Peixoto, bispo diocesano, Recife, Brasil;
Jordan Santos, presbítero do Grupo de Trabalho da Juventude do  Brasil;
José Jorge Pina Cabral, bispo diocesano, Portugal;
Jossias Solomone, presbítero, Libombos, Moçambique;
Kiaku Eduardo Avelino, presbítero deão, Angola;
Lilian Conceição da Silva Pessoa de Lira, presbítera, Recife, Brasil;
Manuel Ernesto, bispo sufragâneo, Niassa, Moçambique;
Marinez Rosa dos Santos Bassotto, presbítera, Comissão Nacional de Diaconia, Brasil;
Mark Van Koevering, bispo diocesano, Niassa, Moçambique;
Mauricio Andrade, bispo diocesano, Brasília, Brasil;
Paulo Ueti, teólogo leigo, Anglican Alliance, Brasil;
Pedro Triana, presbítero, Centro de Estudos Anglicanos, Brasil;
Sandra Andrade, leiga, Serviço Anglicano de Diaconia e Desenvolvimento, Brasil; Comitê Coordenador da Anglican Alliance.


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